Why Niche is Necessary for Website

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I am KKK with you to let you know all things about that why a niche of a website should be choosen no must be chosen before starting a triple Billion Dehram company. So, today’s topic is “Why Niche is Necessary for Website” well iam clearing this topic because today’s date have started to do blogging so

now a days youth’s quote is “Plan the Planning While Doing” yes its true but before days this was like “Plan Before Planning” so I am going to change this all rules because I know that I am the rule creator of my life and yaa you also can create your own rules it’s your life and your body well be on TOPIC

So the topic is started from now

Why Need of Niche

As you may know, nowadays there is cut the throat competition in the corporate world in any industry every business marketing team tell or impress us as WE HAVE BEST PRODUCT

Likewise, I am also going to tell you that you are reading now the best blog so we need to choose the niche for website let understand this in a few daily life practical examples

Daily Life Practical Example 1

When we are in a group of our friends and someone demand for PIZZA then what another friend will reply quickly yaa tell I am listening CORRECT most of the time he will SAY DOMINO’S so what you understand from this answer Don’t know, No mention I am here

The thing we need to understand is DOMINO’S has created brand value in its customer mind that WHEN PIZZA = DOMINO’S

Daily Life Practical Example 2

One Example from the great country India i.e. BHARAT one day i was in market and have taken my snacks then after that was time of pay to snack keeper on that time i was nt using the thing i amgoing to tell you that

He told that ” Mr. Do PayTm on my no. then after i got to know that one name blowed in all indian indies i kow their are other ways also to pay but he told to pay with it so that is also brand name or aa core value in customers behaviour of PayTm so

I am trying to let you understand that as dominos has chosen pizza first the customers are knowing it because Dominos chosen a Niche of Only Pizza firstly so that it converted as billion Dehram company

and yaa recently Dominos said publically that “We are no more to expand our business in India

that is a positive ignorance so after choosing niche of pizza it is famous

Analysis of PayTm

this was come up with a particular niche which is recharge of mobiles a Bangalore based startup of ONE97 COMMUNICATION PRIVATE LIMITED and now it is a world new crypto currency

Analysis of Domino’s

After all expansion of business and hut of its outlets it can be understand that it also provide other products like outlets of Cold Drinks Normal chicken dish Pizza Burger


A website should be expert in an perticular Niche that will help to seo will help to user to understand their concept and to trust on site and yaa remember their is a bot of google launched in 2018 that work to identify the exact result for the searchers by maintaining this criteria i.e. Social profiles of writer of particular article related contents of this post for more deep go through this link Google Bots

CloudTail and Appario are Back !

As we know the retail giant that is Walmart We know the Online Commerce giant Flipkart else Amazon but you know the back story of this word giant try to understand the back coding of these giants are CloudTail for Amazon.in Appario for Flipkart formarly of Walmart.

Well so lets come on topic as you may know that our website is related to sellers so recently on 1 Feb 2019 in India Indian Government has updated the rules for the online e-commerce companies and yes you are thinking right that is ” Out of India ” company can not sell products in in Indian online market !!

yes so lets go into deep that are these both companies are Indian so lets dive into their study

In starting when Cloudtail started there were two business persons to start their Company that it is ooh well i am feeling that you need to know about Cloudtail also well i will write it on your demend just you need to coment me below or mail me as well.

Everyone wants to the victor so after changing of gov policy the company owners decided to leverage their share ratio according to government policy something in deep that the stack holder of CloudTail company was having stack shares with 24% to Amazon.com and remaining 76 % shares with Narayan Murthy .

After finding LoopWhole in Government Policy they have implemented their business again in India But the matter is they They can only sell 25 percent of their products you can sell only .

Challenges to Small Sellers

Yes, this also a concern when their is a biggest sellers in the market in the lowest marginal utility then think about the secodary sellers.

Definitely, it is affecting the small sellers in the market they are not getting as many sales or order in their business there are more of sellers dependent to sell their products on the online platform.

Meanwhile, we ( sellers ) must show yourself a barrier to the market so that our returning customers can come back to repurchase the products


Under this perfect competition market the sellers who can be stable then can only survive in the market else sellers need to think high start their own e-commerce platform and after this you will be your own boss now you are dependent on others Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc. then after you will be able to sell your products on it remaining you can other sellers product also remaining else

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